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Windows 11: Should you do it?



Windows 11: Should you do it?

Should you Upgrade to Windows 11? 

Windows 11 is the latest upgradable version of Windows that came out on October 2021, now if you are a user of an older version of Windows such as Win7, or Win8 then you should definitely upgrade to at least Win10 because of some apps that will not work on older versions of Windows, but if your system does not have the power to run Windows 10 at least then you will not be able to Upgrade to Windows 11 and you should not. 

Windows 11 Minimum System Requirements 

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with two or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor, or a Chip (SoC) System. 
  • RAM: 4 Gigabytes at least 
  • Storage: at least 64 Gigabytes for Windows to be installed on 
  • Able to install DirectX 12 

To check that right click your start menu and click on System, you will have all the information you need there. 

Why would you upgrade? 

Windows 11 has a new quality of life features, meaning that they are small additions to Windows 10 that may seem insignificant but they are good regardless and will make your daily life use of Windows easier, furthermore, we should not feel sentimental or get attached to old technology and instead improve with it and broaden our horizons in every field, this new version of Windows will undoubtedly bring with it new app and features that will only be accessible through it, and so the faster you hop onto this newer version the more comfortable you will be in the future. 

Some of the quality-of-life improvements include: 

  • Bar to Dock: Like Mac and Linux Win11 now has a feature on the taskbar that lets a small window pop out of it and allows you to store the apps you use on a daily basis, which means no need for icons on your wallpaper, the bar is centred by default but for those that prefer it to be on the left it can be customized to be like so. 
Windows 11: Should you do it?
  • No need for Emulators anymore! The latest version of Windows now has a feature that lets you run any Android app or game, you then link it to your smartphone and remote control it through Windows 
Why Upgrade to Windows 11
  • Next-Gen Gaming: like in Xbox and PlayStation’s new consoles, Windows 11 now uses a similar storage system that is called DirectStorage, it is expected to help improve game performances greatly. 

Why Should you not upgrade to Windows 11? 

  • You do not meet the system requirements: even if you have a good GPU, your other PC parts might not be good for the task, if you still insist on installing Windows 11 on a weak setup then you will instead suffer from lower performance. 
  • There is no Skype and it is instead replaced by a better newer application called Teams


Windows 11 is great to have but not a must (at least for now), if you have the system requirements then moving on with the progress would be the best decision. 

We hope this article helped you make your decision if yes, then take a look at our article about how you can upgrade to Windows 11

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