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Common Alt Codes to Use on Windows 10 



Windows 10 Useful Alt Codes

Are you looking for some common alt codes to learn and use on Widows 10 to make your work or life easier when typing out essays or work? In todays TechSplat article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common Alt Codes on Windows! Let’s jump straight into it!

Common Alt Codes to use on Windows 10

What are ALT Codes on Windows?

On a Pc’s Keyboard there can only be a limited number of characters to write because of the limited space, that is when ALT Codes come into existence, they are a way to bypass that limitation, and to expand the number of characters that are rarely used or needed and turning them into a code that you can type while holding the key ALT on your keyboard. 

Common Useful Alt Symbol

$ (Dollar Sign) ALT+36 
© (Copyright SignALT+1069 
® (Registered Sign) ALT+1074 
™ (Trademark Sign) ALT+0153 
♪ (note symbol) ALT+13 
♫ (beamed eight note) ALT+14 
♥ (heart symbol) ALT+3 
☻ (smiley symbol) ALT+2 

Math Symbol Alt Codes

÷ Alt+0247 
× Alt+0215 
½ (fraction one half sign) AlLT+171 
¼ ¼ (fraction one quarter sign)  Alt+172 
° (degree symbol) Alt+248 
Ø (diameter symbol)  Alt+157 
² Alt+253 
³ Alt+0179 

Other Signs 

Alt+0137 ‰ (per mille sign)  Alt+0137 
Alt+21 § (section sign)  Alt+21 
Alt+0151 — (em dash)  Alt+0151 
œ (a letter)  Alt+0150 
Œ (a letter)  Alt+0140 
Æ  Alt+145 
Æ  Alt+146 
~ (tilde)  Alt+36 or Shift+` 

How many code-types are there?

Overall, there are 256 codes that you can use on your Windows 10 device. These codes typically have their own category and the list is extensive to some symbols that you might not know even exist! Regardless, knowing all the alt codes that you use frequently can save you a massive amount of time!

Conclusion on Alt Codes

These keyboard shortcuts can make your day and life so much more easy, so we hope that this TechSplat guide has helped with that! Let us know down in the comments your thoughts and opinions, or what codes you love the most!

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