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How to upgrade to Windows 11? 



How to update to Windows 11

Are you trying to upgrade to Windows 11? Windows 11 is the new version of Windows released on October 2021, it is entirely free so you do not need to pay for a key or anything, all you need to do is make sure your PC is strong enough to handle it and follow the steps below. 

In today’s TechSplat Windows article, we take a look at how you can install Windows 11 quickly, and easily. Let’s jump straight into it. 

Minimum System Requirement 

To know if your computer can run Windows 11 you need to download Windows’s “PC Health Check App”. This app is simply a Microsoft-built app that will let you know how your computer is healthy, and allow you to upgrade to Windows 11. 

 After you have the download, run the application and it will tell you if it is safe for your system or not.  

Please note: You may already have the PC Health Check App, as Microsoft Installed it into one of their latest updates.  

PC Specs for Windows 11

If your system is not good enough for Windows 11 then you do not need to worry as Microsoft has announced that they will continue to work on Windows 10 until 2025 so you still have time to upgrade. They’ve also made arrangements to reduce the requirements if Windows 11 is supported on lower-tier PCs and Laptops. 

Steps for Updating to Windows 11

To update to Windows 11, you can either run it through the default Microsoft Windows update system like below or use the PC Health Check App. Below are the steps to update to Windows 11 through the Update System. 

  • Firstly, Click the “Start Menu” then select “Settings”. (You can also press Windows Key + I) 
Where are Settings on Windows 11
  • In “Settings”, select the option for “Update & Security”. 
Update & Security Windows 11
  • Then, either press “Check for Updates”, or if your device is in the early access – you may see a “Download and Install” option like the below image. This means y our device can be updated to Windows 11 straight away.  
Windows 11 Update Assistant

NOTE: This process can take a few hours depending on your internet connection speed and how fast is your PC, If this method does not work there is another option which lets you download the update from Microsoft’s official website and select Windows 11 Installation Assistant,  this is in fact the recommended approach. 


This is it for how to download Windows 11, if you are still unsure whether to upgrade or not check our previous article Should you Upgrade to Windows 11. Let us know down in the comments your thoughts on how you can upgrade to Windows 11, and let us know if you’ve made the jump!  

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