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How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 11



How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 11

How can you take a screenshot with Windows 11? There are multiple ways with which you can take a screenshot on Windows 11, but most of them are similar to the ways we covered on our previous article about How to take Screenshots on Windows 10, so if you haven’t read that, you should go read that article but we will cover a few more tips in this one as well. 

Use Snipping Tool (Windows 11 Built-In)

Windows 11 by Microsoft comes with an already built-in application that can take screenshots for you, that application is called ‘’Snipping Tool’’.  
To use the Snipping Tool simply click the Windows icon on the bottom left of your screen, or if you have a search area click there instead and type Snipping Tool.  (You can also press Windows Key + Shift + S to yield the same results – this is called a keyboard shortcut, and there are many keyboard shortcuts). 

You can Pin this application to your taskbar if you plan to use it often, that way you do not have to search for it every time you need to screenshot. You can find out here how to pin applications to your taskbar! 

After you click the application, you will get a window that looks like this:  (May be called “snip & sketch” now).

How to take screenshots on Windows 11

All you have to do then is to select the ‘’Mode’’ you want to use to take a screenshot. Your default option will be a “Rectangle Snip“. 

  •  Free-form Snip: if you select this mode you will have to hold your mouse’s left-click button and draw the shape you want to take, it will be messy and inaccurate but it is your best option for when you cannot take a rectangular shape screenshot.  
  • Rectangular Snip: this is the best option in my opinion as it gives you a clean shape and it is very accurate.  
  • Window Snip: if you have multiple windows that are open, for example, your internet browser and another file window, you can select one of these windows by simply clicking on one of them and it will completely take it into a screenshot  
  • Full-screen Snip: this is very straight forward once you left-click on the screen it will take everything and save the screenshot for you.  

If you’ve taken a screenshot, you will get a preview window that pops up. If you are happy with it you need to click save and pick the file where you want it to be saved. If you are unhappy with it click new again and take the screenshot another time. There is no default screenshots folder. If you want to screenshot Windows 11, using these options is the best way to do so. (By default, screen shot are png captures.

Where are the Screenshots saved?  

Windows 11 Screenshot

Usually, the files will automatically go to your pictures folder under ‘’This PC’’ group of folders but you can change that to whichever destination you prefer. 

Screenshot folder on Windows

This concludes the first method of taking Screenshots on Windows 10, the next method is an easy one too and it only involves a simple click.  

Using your Screenshot (Printscreen) Button 

With this method all you have to do is look for a key on your keyboard that depending on the kind of keyboard you have may differ in names or abbreviations but overall, it is easy to find.  

The button is usually named ‘’Prt Scn’’ and is located above the directional keys on the upper right side  

Screenshot button on Windows Keyboard

If you simply want to take a quick screenshot of the window you are on right now simply click these two buttons at the same time ‘’Alt+ Prt Scn’’ and you will take a screenshot, this picture will then automatically be saved to your pictures folder.  

If you instead want to crop that screenshot and make it smaller you can then take it to the Paint application *or another PC image editor* and crop it there.  Make sure you adjust the corner to make sure you don’t accidentally crop too much.

How you can take a picture on Windows 11

You then have to drag the part you want just like the first method we talked about above and click ‘’Crop’’ again to finalize, then save it to whichever folder you want. You could also use a service like “Imgur” to upload your image online (Just by pressing Ctrl+V on Imgur) and share it with your friends. 


  • Clicking “Prt Scn” (the print screen button) alone will not save the picture automatically but will allow you to paste it onto the paint application (This is called your clipboard). You can also
  • The combination “WIN + Prt Scn” will directly save the window you are using and not the whole screen. 
  • “Alt + Win + Prt Scn” will save the screenshot in Windows Game Bar, you will need to click ‘Win + G” to open that window. 
  • You can also get an app like “Gyazo” which is one of the top options for Windows 11 screenshots.


This is it for the two best methods to screenshot on Windows 11. Follow TechSplat for more guides like this, and if you need a guide that will help you further, let us know in the comments and we’ll make a guide just for you! Let us know if you were able to screenshot windows, or take a snapshot successfully!


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