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How to stop Automatic Updates on Windows 10 



How to Stop Automatic Updates on Windows 10

Want to stop automatic updates on Windows 10? Windows updates can be very annoying, slowing your internet and PC while you’re working or playing or just suddenly restarting your pc, in this guide, we will help you to disable Windows 10 updates permanently. 

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How to Stop Automatic Updates on Windows 10

In order to stop automatic updates on Windows 10, there is a simple way of doing this, but please note that this is not a permanent fix and is only temporary. For a permanent fix, please continue reading past this point for the permanent fix.

  • Right-click the Start Icon and Click “Run” 
How to Stop Automatic Updates on Windows 10
  • Type “services.msc” 
Where is services.msc
  • Search for Windows Update right click and click “Properties” 
Windows Update Service
  • Click “Disable” in the drop-down menu then click “Ok” 
Disabled Windows Updates

NOTE: You have now disabled Windows Updates, but not permanently. If you want to disable them permanently then keep following below. 

How to disable Windows Updates Permanently

  • From the Start Menu again click Run and Type “Regedit” 
What is Regedit
  • Click on the drop downs for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE 
  • Then SOFTWARE 
  • Then Policies 
  • Then Microsoft 
  • Then Windows 
  • Right Click Windows file, select New then Key 
Registry Editor Settings
  • Write “WindowsUpdate” without spaces then click Enter 
Windows Update Registry Key for Automatic Updates
  • On that new file right click again and select New then Key 
  • Now type “AU” then click Enter 
  • Left click the AU file then position your mouse on the big white space on the right and right click. 
  • Select New then “DWORD (32-bit) Value” 
DWORD Reg Editor
  • Name the new file “NoAutoUpdate” just like this with no spaces again 
  • Then double click it select a value of “1” then click OK 
Edit DWORD to have Automatic Updates

You have now disabled Windows Updates permanently. 


We hope that this guide has helped you understand how you can either temporarily or permanently remove Windows Updates from automatically updating. Windows and its automatic updates are not simple to stop, but we hope this guide has helped you!

If you’re having issues with Windows Updates, check out our articles here for Windows 10, or if you’re still struggling maybe contact Microsoft Windows Support here.

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