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How to Fix Kodi Keeps Crashing or Not Working in Windows 10 (Fixed)



How to fix Kodi Keeps Crashing or Not Working

Is Kodi continues crashing or not working? Is it true that you are generally disliking your Kodi application on Windows 10? Regardless of the specialized issue you are confronting, you are in the ideal spot!

Since we love to plunge into this application and test its abilities, we’ve run into a few “Kodi crashes or doesn’t work” issues.

All in all, you can be certain we realize how to fix the “Kodi continues crashing or not working” issue on Windows 10. Thus, we should discuss what to do in case Kodi doesn’t work. We’ll take a gander at a lot of issues, as you can find in the chapter by chapter list underneath.

Moving along, we should get to what you truly need to know. Here is a depiction of what to do assuming that Kodi doesn’t work, just as numerous potential arrangements.

What Causes “Kodi To Crash Or Not Work” On Windows 10

How to fix Kodi Keeps Crashing or Not Working
Image Source: Kodi

After we saw the issue increment significantly, we began investigating and discovered that the issue happens for a few unique reasons. Not every one of them might be relevant for your situation, as every PC’s design is unique. Here are a portion of the causes:

Graphics Driver: If your illustrations driver is obsolete or corrupt, your PC will not have the option to show everything correctly. This is the reason you ought to consistently refresh your designs drivers.

Obsolete programming: Another major reason for glitches is an obsolete form of Kodi. Each update brings bug fixes and new enhancements, so stay up with the latest.

Equipment speed increase: Kodi has an equipment speed increase and uses it to further develop video quality. Nonetheless, once in a while this framework can crash and fall flat. At the point when it crashes, the game crashes too.

Harmed additional items: Since additional items are created by outsider engineers, there are many situations where an extra isn’t viable with your Kodi. Debilitating them can take care of the issue of crashes.

Firewall: Kodi is a streaming application, so it discusses straightforwardly with the Internet and should go through a firewall. In the event that entrance isn’t allowed, it might neglect to interface and crash.


Ensure you are signed in as an administrator before continuing with the arrangements. Likewise, have a functioning web association as you will download Kodi.

How you can Solve The “Kodi Doesn’t Work Or Crashes” Problem In Windows 10

How to fix Kodi Keeps Crashing or Not Working
Image Source: Kodi

Update Kodi To The Latest Version (to fix Kodi Keeps Crashing or Not Working)

On the off chance that Kodi continues to crash, it very well might be because of programming bugs. You should refresh Kodi to the most recent form and check whether this is the reason for your concern.

Download the most recent rendition of Kodi to your PC.

Open the downloaded record and adhere to the guidelines on the screen to introduce Kodi.

Dispatch Kodi and make sure that it works correctly now.

Turn Off The Firewall

In the Windows search bar, type Windows Firewall and open it.

In the left sheet, click Enable or Disable Windows Firewall.

Turn off the Windows firewall. Make certain to do this for both private and public networks.

Presently restart your PC and walk out on.

The Windows Firewall is another component that can adversely influence applications and cause updates to suspend and crash.

After an update, the Windows firewall can obstruct the Kodi application, which can make applications fall flat. You should temporarily handicap it, yet make certain to re-empower it once the application issue is settled.


In the event that the issue endures, utilize the accompanying workarounds.

Resetting Apps (to fix Kodi Keeps Crashing or Not Working)

Open Settings on the Start menu.

Go to the Applications segment.

Click on Applications and Features.

Click on the failing application, and under Advanced Options, click Reset.

Restart your PC and have a go at running the application once more.

Refreshes not just change applications yet in addition the manner in which the framework runs them. Furthermore, this can make the application crash and glitch.

Reset the Time And Date on your Device

Right-click the time/date on the taskbar and open Configure Date/Time.

Ensure that your time region is set correctly.

On the Internet Time tab, click Change Settings.


Uncheck Synchronize with Internet Time Server and snap OK.

Presently on the Date and Time tab, set the time and date as you would prefer.

Envision that you are a person who goes back and forth through time and chose some unacceptable date and time.

Click OK.

Return to the Internet Time tab and snap Change Settings.

Select the Synchronize with Internet Time Server check box and snap Update Now.

Albeit this progression appears to be straightforward, an incorrect time or date can create many issues with the Kodi application. Also, it isn’t phenomenal for updates to change the time and date settings. So make certain to check your time and date settings and turn on the framework’s automatic time setting.

Cripple Hardware Acceleration (to fix Kodi Keeps Crashing or Not Working)

Equipment speed increase has been known to make Kodi glitch. To really look at this, have a go at incapacitating equipment speed increase in Kodi:

Click on the stuff symbol to go to the settings menu.

Click on Player Settings.


In the bottom left corner, triple-click the stuff symbol to change the mode from Standard to Expert.

Feature the Video tab, then, at that point, in the Processing area on the right, uncheck Allow Hardware Acceleration – DXVA2.

Restart Kodi and confirm that Kodi is presently running.

Conclusion on Kodi Keeps Crashing or Not Working

We hope that this guide has helped you fix your Kodi that is not working or keeps crashing. In some cases, many people have reported simply restarting the Kodi device/app can fix it, however, in some cases, the above fixes may be needed.

Let us know down in the comments if you know of any other fixes, or be sure to take a look around TechSplat if you have any other issues with your devices!

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