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How to Record a Phone Call on an iPhone Device 



How to Record a Phone Call on an iPhone Device 

Are you trying to record a phone call on your iPhone? Sometimes you would feel the need to record certain calls to listen to them later and not forget important details, but unfortunately, iPhone does not have this feature, but through the use of some applications you can record these calls totally for free and no need for jailbreaking your device, here’s how. 

Record a Phone Call with an External Recorder 

Although this isn’t the most ideal, there is a good chance that if you want to record a phone call with someone, you know it’s about to happen. If this is the case, having another phone or something else like a laptop that can record audio can be a massive help to being able to record your phone call. 

If you can find a quiet room with the device, you’re receiving the call on, and another device that can record audio through a microphone then you should be able to put your call on Speaker and record it using another device. Not only does this prevent the end-user from ever knowing you recording them, but also means that you’re able to store it on a device like a laptop or desktop computer which may make it easier to use the recording.  

Record a Phone Call with an App 

  • PHONE++: 
Phone++ App to record Audio

This app has all the functions of the original Phone app, but it also integrates with other third-party services such as Skype and WhatsApp by swiping left or right on your contacts. 

To get this app go to your Google app or browser, and then type “” on your search bar, access the website then search for “Phone++” and install the app. 

When it is done downloading go to your phone settings, and then “Profile Downloaded” you will find the Phone++ app there click Install, once it’s done you will find the app on your home screen, open the app and follow the instructions until the end and you are ready to use the app to record your phone calls. 

We do not suggest the use of this app, but it is one that you can use.

Conclusion to Record iPhone Calls

Overall, recording a phone call might not be the best idea, but in some cases, this needs to be done. We hope that this guide has helped you out with knowing how you can record someone else’s audio or your phone call and allowing you to use the recording elsewhere. 

Let us know in the comments your thoughts on this article, or if you have any questions or other issues that you want us to answer and we’d be happy to help! Thanks for your time reading this article.  

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