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How to make Google Chrome the Windows 11 Default Browser 



Set Google Chrome as Default Browser in Windows 11

Want to make Google Chrome the default Windows 11 browser? Google Chrome is the most used internet browser, it has many great features and so users prefer it to other browsers, but what to do when your new Laptop or PC starts opening other browsers such as Firefox or Edge by default when you click links. In todays TechSplat article, we look at how you can set Google Chrome as the default browser!

Setting Google Chrome as the Default Browser 

Setting Google Chrome as the default browser on Windows 11 is not the most simple as Windows no longer has easy-to-use settings that help with setting it as the main explorer of choice. Below are just some of the steps that you can try to set Google Chrome up as your main browser.

  • Firstly, Open Google Chrome then click the 3 vertical dots on the top right of your screen 
Open Google Chrome Settings
  • Click Setting 
  • Go to Default Browser then Make Default 
Google Chrome Default Browser
  • Click Apps when the window opens then Default Apps on the right 
Default Apps in Windows 11
  • Look for Google Chrome then change all the browsers there to Chrome 
HTTPS and HTTP to Chrome

Only change the parts where you see other browser icons to Google Chrome from the drop list, this should make Chrome your default explorer and everything you open that should redirect you to a browser will open Google Chrome. 

Conclusion on making Google Chrome your Windows 11 Web Browser

If you’re still having issues with not being able to make Google Chrome your default Windows 11 web browser, then you may want to contact Microsoft Support (as it’s Windows primarily), or even Google Support to see if they can help resolve your issue specifically!

Let us know what you thought about our guide in the comments, or if you have any other questions! Thanks for taking the time to read!

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