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How to Fix Hulu Live continues to crash



How to fix Hulu Live Continues to Crash

When Hulu Live continues to crash, you can get frustrated and annoyed as this is now a very common issue. Hulu is one of the best alternatives to Netflix for online movies. However, as with any streaming service, video playback from Hulu can buffer (or freeze) intermittently for some users.

Hulu is not immune to problems when users start streaming. Sometimes Hulu Live can buffer, freeze, and even crash completely when you try to watch your shows and movies. These playback problems prevent you from seeing what’s next in the series you’re streaming. In today’s TechSplat guide, we take a look at why and how to fix Hulu Live continues to crash fast and effectively – so you can get back to your movie night!

How to fix Hulu Live continues to crash
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What are the main causes for Hulu to Crash out?

  • Common Connection Issues
  • Poor Internet Speeds/Connection
  • Poor Device Performance (Phone/Tablet/PC/Laptop)
  • Poor Browser Caching
  • Forced Unforseen Glitches
  • Home Networking Issue

How to Fix Hulu Live Continues to Crash

Common Issues with Hulu Live

Hulu Live users often find that a particular TV channel freezes in the middle of a program or buffer for a while before the stream resumes. As mentioned earlier, these problems are often caused by connection errors.

Hulu itself is aware that some of these problems can occur. After making sure that our Internet connection is not a problem, let’s try other solutions recommended by app manufacturers.

How to Check your Internet Connection Speed

As we mentioned at the beginning, internet speeds need to be high enough to be able to download and stream the video you are trying to watch. Hulu recommends at least 8 Mbps / Download to watch live TV on its platform. However, if you wish to stream in 4K, this doubles to 16 Mbps.

To check your internet connection speeds, you can simply use Google’s connection checker here, or use Ookla’s Speed Test here.

Internet Speed Hulu Crashing
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Other Types of Diagnostics to Solve Hulu Live Continues to Crash

After determining that your Internet connection isn’t the problem, let’s look at other problems you might encounter. If the Hulu Live app crashes or has no buffer, the first thing you need to do is restart it.

To do this, quit Hulu and all other apps running in the background. If possible, also restart your device and then try opening Hulu again. Most likely, this simple procedure will solve your problem, or you will have to reboot.

Performing a Power Cycle to Fix Hulu Live Continues to Crash

Although usually for hardware issues, performing a power cycle has been known to fix the Hulu Live crashing issue. To perform a power cycle on the Hulu app, simply close (not minimize, actually close the app) then restart the devices, especially your router or modem, and then after a few minutes, turn them back on again.

By performing this, you may resolve the issue. Simply by restarting the app may fix the issue but this may only be temporary. If Hulu live is still crashing more than you would like, be sure to continue down the list!

Cleaning the Cache and Data to fix Hulu Live Continues to Crash

Cached data is when your device stores static content (content that is the same every time you visit a site or app) and is used to better enhance your connection to a specific app or website. With Hulu, you may be caching data that shouldn’t be cahced, and therefor you may be losing performance resulting in crashing.


To clear your cache and data from Hulu, start your device and go to “Settings”. Then go to “Applications” and select the Hulu app. Either in the Hulu app bar or in another subcategory called “Storage,” you’ll find the “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” options.

On Apple devices, there is no option to directly clear the cache and data. You must first uninstall the Hulu app from your Apple device and then reinstall it. If you use a web browser for Hulu, clear the cache and data under your web browser settings. In most cases, if you go to your browsing history, there will be an option within this to “Clear Browser Cache“.

Check for app and system updates

In many cases, people don’t often update their app or systems which could have performance enhancing or bug fixes that could be the cause of your issue. No matter what device you are using, with it being a mobile, tablet or personal laptop – you should always keep your device up to date to ensure that these fixes are in place.

Roku users have also raised issues around this, and in some cases – updates have been known to fix all buffering and streaming issues that pop up when using the Roku device. Always check the updates if this issue happens commonly, as this could be the fix to your issue.


In conclusion, when watching Hulu live – you may get this issue and it can be very furstriating when you’re paying for the service. Hopefully by checking and reviewing some of the troubleshooting steps in this guide, you were able to watch Hulu live again.

Let us know in the comments, or check our other Hulu Live guides here! If you are still having issues, be sure to contact Hulu support here as they may be able to unlock your account to help with this!


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