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How to fix Fortnite “Entry Point Not Found” Error (2021)



Are you getting the Entry Point Not Found error in Fortnite? Fortnite is one of the most renowned internet games today, played routinely by north of 12 million individuals. Tragically, the PC technique model is at present inclined to numerous normal “Entry Point Not Found” issues 1.

This blunder isn’t one of a kind to Fortnite. Indeed, it is identified with Windows’ failure to stack a certain “DLL” document that is needed for the product to work. On account of Fortnite, this could be countless one of a kind DLLs.

Assuming you need to address this issue, fortunately, you can. Today in this, TechSplat article, we give some demonstrated arrangements you can attempt to fix the Entry Point Not Found Error.

What Causes The Fortnite “Entry Point Not Found” Error?

How to fix Entry Point Not Found in Fortnite
Image Source: Fortnite / Epic Games

In the wake of getting various grievances, we began exploring and inferred that the issue happens for an assortment of reasons that additionally influence the working framework. Here are a portion of the causes:

Terrible EasyAntiCheatFiles – EasyAntiCheat is a module utilized in Fortnite to keep clients from cheating by adding contents to the game. Its repairmen are firmly identified with Fortnite, and assuming that it is ruined and doesn’t work, Fortnite will not work by the same token.

Harmed doubles: many games contain pairs in their catalogs that help the game run. When these are debased or don’t work as expected, numerous issues happen, including the one portrayed here.

Harmed game records: Another conceivable motivation behind why you can’t begin Fortnite and get a mistake is on the grounds that your game documents are bad. This typically happens when you interfere with the update cycle or move the game starting with one drive then onto the next.

PC in an adulterated design: Like all machines, your PC gets misconfigured and a portion of its modules get undermined. This is an extremely normal situation and is typically tackled by a basic power cycle.

Prior to running the arrangements, ensure that you are signed in as a chairman on your PC and have a functioning Internet association. Likewise ensure you have your accreditations convenient, as you should enter them when we update everything.

The most effective method to Fix The Fortnite “Entry Point Not Found” Error are below. Take a look now!


How to fix Fortnite Entry Point Not Found in 2021

Review your Game Files

This issue can happen to assume that some game records are absent or degenerate. So you should actually take a look at your game document to check whether that is the issue. Here’s the ticket:

Launch/Repair the Epic Games Launcher. (to fix Entry Point Not Found)

Click on Library, then, at that point, click on Settings.

Click on the VERIFY button.

This cycle might require a couple of moments. If it’s not too much trouble, sit tight for it to wrap up. Then, at that point, take a stab at running Fortnite to actually take a look at the issue.

Reinstalling Fortnite

Launch the Epic Games launcher.

Click on Library, then, at that point, click on Settings.


Restart your PC and run Epic Games Launcher again to download and introduce Fortnite once more.

Erase The Binaries Folder (to fix Entry Point Not Found)

On your console, press the Windows logo key and the E key simultaneously.

Type C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame in the location bar and press Enter on your console.


Feature the Binaries organizer and press the Delete key on your console.

Restart the Epic Games Launcher and take a stab at running the game once more.

Restart Your Computer

A few projects running on your PC might struggle with Fortnite Launcher and can cause this issue. You can take a stab at restarting your PC to debilitate the undesirable projects and afterwards restart Fortnite to really take a look at the issue.

Conclusion on Entry Point Not Found in Fortnite

We hope that this guide has been able to hlep you fix the Entry Point Not Found in Fortnite. If not, let us know what you thought to our guide, and let us know if you experience any other issues!

Be sure to check out our other content here on TechSplat, and hopefully we can assist!

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