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How to Fix Facebook Posts Not Loading (2022)



How to Fix Facebook Posts Not Loading

Is Facebook not loading for you, or are Facebook posts not loading? Facebook is an amazing social platform that people use to connect from all over the world. In some cases, Facebook posts won’t load or Facebook posts do not load for you. This is quite a common issue with Facebook and some people can get frustrated not being able to use the app or site.

In today’s TechSplat article, we take a look at how we can fix Facebook posts that won’t load, and get you back on Facebook quickly! (This guide also includes content to help with posts not showing, not loaded, or posts showing but not uploading. Don’t worry, although there are many reasons why Facebook isn’t working, we’ll find you many solutions so you can try them all.

How to Fix Facebook Posts Not Loading
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Restart the App/Browser

A common and usually quite quick fix to allowing your Facebook feed to load is simply to restart your app (or browser). To do this, you can either swipe and hold on to your device to restart or close the app before starting it again.

On website versions, simply close your browser or even just the tab and try to open Facebook again. This will clear anything that might be stuck, and maybe the easiest fix to your problem! If this still doesn’t help, please carry on to the next fixes!  You can also attempt to update your browser, as this may be preventing it from accessing Facebook. Some browsers have this feature built-in and will let you know when you need to 

Check your Network Settings

Another common reason, and actually the most expected cause to the Facebook feed not loading, is simply not having an internet connection. Do other apps work as expected? If you’re able to search on Google and get a result – then this is usually a good suggestion that you have the internet.

 If not – simply restart your device and try to resolve the network connection issue should you have any. You could also try mobile data/hotspot should you have the ability to see if this resolves your issue. If you’re still experiencing posts not loading on Facebook, then please continue to the next steps. 

Check if Facebook is Experiencing Problems

Although Facebook (and Meta) is one of the biggest companies in the world, they’re still prone to having unexpected downtime and issues. Checking if Facebook is down can be a super-easy way to know if it’s just you, or if everyone is having issues.

The best way to check is to visit a site like “DownDetector” and find out if Facebook is experiencing issues. Another way to check is to do a quick search of “Facebook Down” on Google which will usually show results if there has been an incident.  Facebook’s infrastructure is also prone to bugs and issues with the app store, so finding information on if Facebook itself is experiencing problems could save you a whole host of time. Facebook may also have a “maintenance” setting, so also check this to make sure. 

If Facebook is experiencing problems themselves, you may also find that Instagram and other social media are too. Many of the top social media sites (like FB) run similar infrastructure, which could lead to outages depending on your location. If you want to test this, head on over to Twitter or Instagram, and try to open some stories, or some comments and see if these load for you. 

Clear Cookies and Cache 

Although a little tricky and often annoying to complete, clearing your cookies and cache from your browser/app can resolve the issue of Facebook not loading posts or Facebook not loading feed. To do this, simply follow the below steps; (Cookies and Cache are small files placed on your applications /networking browsers that help track information about you – when you clear data, you are removing any information on the server end, and everything on your browser). 

  1. Open your Browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.)
  2. Go to the “Settings” option, and find “Privacy and Security”.
  3. Under that, you should see “Clear Browser Data” or “Clear Cache”. 
  4. Once clicked, simply tick/highlight both Cookies and Cache and hit “Ok”.
  5. This will clear all saved Cookies and Cache, and may sign you out of some sites, so be aware of that. 

Once you’ve completed this, it’s usually a good idea to restart the device you’re on to make sure you’re logging into Facebook clean – and hopefully, this will resolve the issue of Facebook not loading the feed or Facebook not loading posts. You may also want to consider running updates or updating your computer or browser just in case that it’s out of date. Websites can often pick up on out-of-date operating systems and may deny you access if it’s out of date.

Please keep in mind, on some iPhone and Android devices, you may come across features and pages that will allow you to clear cookies and cache automatically, so maybe try another browser to fix posts without images. 

Check your News Feed Settings

Another common fix for Facebook not loading posts is simply to check your news feed settings.  On Facebook, complete the following steps;

  1. On the main Facebook page, click the “Name” of the Feed (“My Feed, News Feed” etc.)
  2. Click on the Elipses (3-dots). 
  3. Within the Drop-down list, select the feed you want to see – or deselect before re-selecting them if you’re having problems.
  4. Hit Ok and Close Facebook – then try again.

If this doesn’t help your problem, we still have a few more fixes we can try to get you up and running. Checking your news feed preferences can also help with helping the application show posts.

Ensure you’re using HTTPS

With Facebook, they love to be secure. This is why they have an explicit HTTPS policy. In short, this means that if the connection is not secure, you will not be able to use Facebook. If you are on the Facebook App, this step does not apply – however, if you are on a PC or Laptop, follow the below steps to ensure you are using HTTPS.

  1. Open your browser and type in “”.
  2. Click the little padlock on the browser bar, and ensure that it says “Secure”.
  3. If so – then hopefully, Facebook will load. If not – then please continue through the steps.

If you’re stuck on HTTP, then you may need to look at your device settings in a bit more detail, specifically something that may need another guide. 

Check your Date & Time Settings

A fix for many issues, including Facebook not loading posts, is simply to check and ensure your date and time are correct. A lot of sites verify a device by verifying the date and time, and if this is out even by a minute – it can cause issues such as Facebook not loading. 

On most mobiles, you will be able to go into your settings and check “Automatic”, as well as on most Windows/Apple devices for desktop/laptop users. If your time looks fine – then continue on to the next steps!

You can also click the time zone icon, and when the pop-up screen opens, simply change the time zone to automatic. If the date and time settings are not open, then you can find our article on how to fix that here. 

Ensure JavaScript and Pop-Ups are not being Blocked

JavaScript is a code/scripting language that Facebook use to load posts. If JavaScript has been disabled on your device, then there is a good chance that Facebook fails to load. To fix this, simply complete the following steps; again – mobile devices do not have this function.

  1. Open your browser and click the Elipses (3-dots – might also be named “menu”). 
  2. Under “Settings”, you may see “Site Settings”. 
  3. Under “Site Settings”, click into “JavaScript” and turn this to “Allowed”. 
    1. It may ask you to specify the site in question, in this case – use Facebook and “Always Allow”. 

Once this has been enabled, restart your browser and try to load Facebook again – but if this still fails then please continue onto the last step. 

Contact Facebook Support

In some cases, you may need to contact Facebook support as your account may have been suspended. Most of the time, you will receive a message saying this, so if you’ve not had this message then contacting Facebook support, may help the issue. You may be given some categories or example errors before you or your user profile can access Facebook again, but once the situation has been resolved – Facebook should be able to help you back on your feed. 

They will be able to provide you with a specific level of support for your account and feed making Facebook Support a last resort, but likely a very helpful one if you’re still having issues with your Facebook feed not loading. You may also need to provide some information about your account, and maybe the version of android or iOS you’re running on. They may also ask you for your app preferences should you be trying to load Facebook posts on your phone. 

FAQ: How to fix Facebook not Loading Feed

How do I fix the fact that Facebook is not loading my Newsfeed?

If the above guide did not help you, then making sure that your device and apps are all up to date can also help. If you are still having issues on your phone and not on your PC or Laptop, you could always try to re-install the app onto your phone and sign in again not see if this helps. On top of that, if you continue to have issues – try signing in and out of your device to see if this helps! 


Why isn’t Facebook updating my feed? Is Facebook not Loading?

Facebook is known to have issues, and if the above guide didn’t help you – then you can always contact Facebook themselves as they have a very effective support team who will help you directly. You can also use the “Report a Problem” link if you can’t find Facebook Support

Why isn’t my Facebook Account Loading? (Or Social Media Messages)

Facebook is known to be massive. With that, if they’re having any issues at Facebook HQ then there might be an issue loading your posts. If your friends are having no issues, then you might need to follow the steps in this guide to ensure you can get back onto Facebook quickly!

How do I reset or get my Facebook feed back?

Firstly, if you follow this guide – you should be able to get some help with your Facebook feed not loading. If these don’t work, we recommend you speak to Facebook Support who may run you through some steps in this guide-  but will ultimately help you get back onto Facebook quickly. You may also be experiencing a bug, which might mean you’ll have a feed without posts, or showing posts not working. 

Conclusion on Facebook not Loading

All in all, I hope this guide has helped you understand why Facebook doesn’t load posts. We hope that one of the fixes in this guide has helped you, but if not – please let us know and if you found a solution let us know so we can help others!

If you did contact Facebook support, then let us know what they suggested and good luck! Thanks for taking the time to review this, and let us know if you have any other issues with your devices down in the comment section! We will also make some videos with all the ways and methods that you can try to get Facebook posts to load, and prevent it from not opening. 

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