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How to Fix Discord Voice Chat Issues



How to Fix Discord Voice Chat Issues

Are you having issues with Discord Voice chat, or want to know how to fix Discord Voice Chat that isn’t working? Discord has recently become one of the most advanced, modern and used VoIP (Voice over IP) services for gamers, and the general public for many years now. With its popularity and constant updates, there are always going to be bugs, and issues that users like yourself will face.

In today’s TechSplat article, we take a look at why you might to be able to hear your friends, why they might not be able to hear you, and how to fix discord voice chat that isn’t working. Let’s jump straight into how to fix Discord voice chat.

Why is the Discord Voice Chat Not Working?

How to Fix Discord Voice Chat Issues
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This problem can probably be caused by an old, incorrect, or missing audio driver. You can easily fix this problem by updating the audio driver.
It can also be caused by incorrect Discord language settings (input mode, OpenSL SE, etc.). In addition, this error may be caused by an outdated Discord application. The affected user encounters an error when trying to talk to a contact. The problem is not limited to a specific operating system. In some cases, the problem appeared after 2-3 minutes of voice communication.

A lot of the time, Discord is quite prone to server issues from time to time, and if your friends are also having similar issues – then it may just be an outage. If the issue is persistent and seems to be just on you, then you could have some language module issues, driver issues, or an outdated version of Discord.

These are all reasons that may cause issues with Discords voice chat, but we’ll take a look at all of them in order of what works the best, and hopefully one of these fixes will work for you!

How to Fix Discord Voice Chat Audio Problems

Check to see if Discord is Down

Even though Discord is massive for a company, just like others there will always be some unexpected outages. Before wasting time trying to fix the issue, be sure to check our the “Discord Status Page” which might tell you if Discord themselves are having issues. You can find the Discord Status Page here.

Change your Input Type to Voice Activity

If you’re having issues with Discord Voice Chat, then your Discord App audio or pickup modes may not be set up correctly. With this being said, changing the input mode from standard, or push-to-talk to “Voice Activity”, then may help with your issues. To do this, simply follow these steps.

  1. Launch the Discord application and open “Settings” (The small setting Gear in the bottom right).
  2. Once in there, click onto “Voice and Video”.
  3. Under Audio Input, change the setting to “Voice Activity”, and adjust the sensitivity, to fairly low.
  4. Optionally, once completed – restart your Phone or PC/Laptop and try a call with a friend to see if this helps!

Update your Discord Version, or Re-Install

Discord is regularly updated to fix known bugs and add new features based on user suggestions. An outdated app can pave the way for problems with voice chat in the app. In this context, updating the Discord app to the latest beta version may solve the problem. To illustrate our point, we’ll walk you through the process of updating your Android phone.

Although Discord is updated quite frequently with major updates (where you get a notification of changes), Discord does update their app more frequently with bug fixes, and security patches. With this being said, your device may be a version, or versions behind and therefore you should probably update, or reinstall the app.


To Update on Windows/Mac

  1. Open the Discord App – and an automatic update should install.
  2. If not, right-click on the Discord Icon in the system tray, and press “Check for Updates”.
  3. Once updated – try your call again.
  4. If you need to reinstall Discord, simply head to Discord’s Download Page and Install the Application.

On Phone/Tablet (App Store / Play Store)

  1. Navigate to the Store and click onto the “Updates” section.
  2. Find Discord and update the app.
  3. You can also type Discord into the Store, and instead of downloading it, it should have the option to “Update” if one is avaiable.

Hopefully installing, or updating your Discord app should in turn help you with any voice issues on your device.

Enable “Force calls to use OpenSL ES” within Discord

Discord has quite a few features that have been added to provide the best experience for you as a user. The Open Sound Libary for Embedded Systems API (OpenSL ES), which is one of the core audio libraries within Discord can help solve your audio issues. To turn OpenSL ES on, be sure to follow the below steps.

  1. Launch Discord, and head over to the Settings.
  2. Under “Video and Audio”, find the “Low Latency Hardware Acceleration” section.
  3. Select the option, “Force Calls to use the OpenSL ES” option, to enable it.
  4. Restart Discord (Force close) and try to make a call again.

By completing the above steps, you are changing how Discord deals with your audio, as well as the other call member audios, so hopefully, this will resolve most issues if the other fixes haven’t.


All in all, we hope that this guide has helped you understand how Discord’s audio works, and how you can fix it if you’re having issues with the audio chat in Discord. Be sure to take a look through some of our other Discord troubleshooting guides, or let us know down in the comments what you think! As always, thanks for reading and enjoy!

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