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How to fix chrome Error “Failed to load the extension” in 2021



How to fix chrome Error "Failed to load the extension" in 2021

Are you getting the “Failed to Load the Extension” error within Google Chrome?
This Google Chrome bug is quite common, but luckily there are many solutions you can try to get things working again. Today, TechSplat takes a look at this bug, and how you can fix it quickly, and effectively so you don’t have this issue going forward.

Note: Some of these changes will cause you to lose all of your browser bookmarks. It’s a good idea to export them before you make them, as well as make a note of passwords and credentials to ensure you don’t lose them!

Why is the Chrome extension not loading?

How to fix chrome Error "Failed to load the extension" in 2021

More often than not, adware extensions (extensions that provide you with spammed ads and much more) can cause extension did not load errors due to your system blocking it before Chrome can enable it. In some other cases, you may receive the “Extension failed to load, manifest missing” which would suggest a bad install, and or bad extension. This can sometimes be fixed using the below fixes or reinstalling the extensions.

How to fix the “Could not load Chrome extension” Error

Thankfully, fixing the Could Not Load Chrome Extension error within Google Chrome is quite a simple fix, and won’t take you too long to complete. Below are 4 methods that you can try to ensure you get your Chrome extensions working at full speed again!

Use “Incognito” or “Guest” Mode in Chrome

If you need to use Chrome quickly or specifically for browsing purposes, using Incognito or Guest mode will help your issue but is not a solution to the issue. The reason this works is that both Incognito and Guest mode don’t load any third-party applications, bookmarks, and you guessed it – extensions.

To get yourself into Incognito mode, simply press “Ctrl + Shift + N” or head over to your settings, and open a new incognito tab.

Reinstall Google Chrome

Reinstalling Chrome has a 99% chance of being successful to resolve most Chrome issues. However, when you reinstall Chrome, you will lose all of your data attached to it. This would include any saved passwords, credentials, site history, and much more if it’s not tied to your Google account, so please try this at your own risk.

To reinstall Chrome on Windows, simply head to the Control Panel on Windows, then click “Uninstall a Program”, locate Chrome and uninstall Chrome. Once completed, head over to the Google Chrome Download Page and install the latest version of Chrome.

Activate your Extensions One by One to Identify Faulty Plugins

Sometimes, when you have many extensions and face issues, this may be down to a specific extension. An easy fix for this, is to disable all of your extensions, and one-by-one enable them. Each time you enable an extension, if the error appears again – the latest plugin you install is the problem and should be removed.

Conclusion on “Failed to Load the Extension”

All in all, we hope that this guide has helped you fix the Google Chrome error when trying to load an extension. This error/bug can be quite tricky to get rid of, but hopefully, our guide has helped you with this!


Let us know down in the comments if you received any help from this guide, or let us know what worked for you and we’ll update our guide to help other users from around the globe!

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