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How to fix “Address Not Found” on Gmail (2022)



Address not Found in Gmail

Are you getting the “Address Not Found” error on Gmail? Don’t worry – this is a really common error that many people, including ourselves, have had a few times. This error message is typically when Google (Gmail) has looked up the email and has found it to not exist, but this is not always the case as if you’re receiving this error – you’re likely sure the email exists however still getting this error.

Don’t worry though! In today’s article, we take a look at how you can fix “Address not found” on Gmail in 2022, and we’re going to find out how you can stop this from happening in the future. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it!

How to fix Address not Found on Gmail

How to fix "Address Not Found" on Gmail (2022)
How to fix “Address Not Found” on Gmail (2022)

Check the Email Account is Correct

One of the main fixes for the Address not Found email on Gmail is checking to make sure that the email address you’ve entered is correct. In most cases, this is the best way to fix the issue as it may be that you’ve typed it wrong.

Most commonly, we suggest you type the email either in full capitals to avoid mischaracterization. We would also then suggest checking the @ and . (period) symbols. These will hopefully help you identify your issue if you’re still having it.

If you’ve made sure that your email is typed correctly, then move onto the next step to see if we can figure out why you may not be able to send the email.

Check to see if the Account has been Deleted

In some cases, the account or email you’re trying to send emails to may have been deleted. Although this is hard to confirm (unless you can call or message the recipient) if their account has been deleted or if you’ve been blocked – this may be the reason you’re unable to send emails to their account.

If their account is on “Gmail”, you can go to “Email Recovery” on Google and proceed to type their email. If it continues through the menus, then the account still exists, however, if you get stopped when typing the email at getting “Couldn’t find your Google account”, then this means the account was deleted.

Check to see if Other Emails Work

Another quick troubleshooting method is to try other emails. Can you send an email to another email you own or an email you have access to? This can often help identify if there is an issue with just your recipient’s email, or if there are emails that should be working, that aren’t.

If you’re able to send emails to others without issue, then follow on the next steps. If not, then you should contact Google Support as this may be a bigger issue that is around your account and nothing you can resolve.

Clear your Cache and Cookies

Something that may be happening, is that if the email is fairly new and not yet propagated throughout the systems (usually takes 24-48 hours), then you may need to clear your own cached (saved) data.


Typically, if you use Chrome or Internet Explorer/Edge, simply head to your settings and complete the following instructions;

  • In Chrome/Edge, click into the ellipses (3-vertical dots) in the top right corner.
  • Under there, click “Settings“, then go to “History“. (You can also press Ctrl + H)
  • Under History, hit “Clear Browsing Data” and remove all history, cache, and cookies.

Once done, restart your device and try to send the email again. If this works – great! IF not, continue to our last few steps to try to fix this issue!

Attempt to Send the Email Later

As we mention below one of the issues, is that email servers are always having issues. This means that during the time you’re attempting to send an email, if one of these servers is having trouble, then this could have a knock-on effect on you too.

Trying to send the email (if it’s not urgent) in a couple of hours, or the next day could help you resolve this issue once and for all, meaning it may be out of your control. If this still doesn’t work, we have one last step you can try.

Use another Email Account

If all else fails, then try to use another email account. Maybe use your work email, or another Gmail account if you have one. In most cases, your internet service provider (ISP) will also have an option for you to have your own email. In that case, create a new email account and try to send the email again to see if this resolves your issues. If not, then you may need to contact Google Support.

What is the cause of “Address Not Found” on Gmail

Typically, there is one major player in why you’re seeing the “Address not found” error message on Gmail, and it’s exactly what it says on the tin. Google and Gmail just like most email applications, will look up the email you’re sending to make sure that the domain and email account exist. A domain is usually the second part of the email address, i.e ““. In this instance, if the “” part doesn’t exist, then the email can’t be retrieved from that user.

If you’re sure that the domain exists (such as “”), then it will most likely be the first part of the email, which is usually the name, or username of the person you’re trying to send emails to. Make sure this is correct and try again.

In the rare circumstance, Google and Gmail may be experiencing mail server issues, which does happen more often than you think, so if your email is not super urgent, maybe wait 2-4 hours to see if this helps. Otherwise, may check to see if Google is having any issues using Google Status!

Can you disable Gmail Email Checking?

No. At the moment, Google and Gmail have opted to keep this native and built-in to Gmail’s functions, which makes sense as this can be usually a very helpful email checking solution. Google have had numerous community feedback posts about this, which may mean they implement this in the near future – but for now, you are not able to disable email account checking through Gmail.


Overall, we hope that this TechSplat guide has helped you understand why you may be getting the Address not Found error message in Gmail, and how you can fix it quickly to ensure you get your emails back on track. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or if you are still having trouble with this issue!

If you’ve tried all of the above, you may also be able to contact Google support here, to make sure that you’ve covered all angles!


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