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How to Delete ALL Emails on Yahoo Quickly (2022)



How to Delete ALL Emails on Yahoo Quickly (2022)

Are you looking to delete ALL your emails from Yahoo quickly, rather than one by one? Don’t worry, although this is not showing in plain site for most users, the email service does have a few functions and ways that you can use to delete all your email in one go – should you ever want to.

In today’s TechSplat article, we take a look at the best ways to delete all your email from Yahoo in one go, so without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

How to delete ALL Emails on Yahoo Quickly

All Emails

To delete all your emails in Yahoo quickly, the best way to do this is to type in the letter “e” into your Yahoo Mail search box. Once done, make sure that the “Inbox” is selected, and once you’re sure it has – you can click on “empty box”, then “delete”.

Delete all Emails in Yahoo
To select all, click the checkbox in the top-left.

You can also select and delete all emails, by pressing the “checkbox” above the emails you have. When you press the checkbox and hit the “Select All” option, you will be able to delete all emails in that folder.

All Unread Emails

If you want to delete all of your unread emails, simply check “Unread” under the Inbox on the left-hand side of Yahoo mail, and then when you’re in “Unread”, click “Check All” – then proceed to hit the “Delete” button.

Delete All Yahoo Mail from iPhone (Mail app)

To delete all Yahoo mail emails in your iPhone Mail app, tap on the edit button within the app, select all the emails you wish to delete and press “Delete”. There should also be an option for “Select All” once you select 2 or more emails. Once deleted, they will not appear in your inbox, but may still be in the “Trash” of your email account.

Why should you delete emails on Yahoo?

Yahoo is a massive email provider and although is slightly more on the outdated front, millions of people still use them over Gmail and other email services online. The mail service itself is a little slow, and many people are not too happy with this.

A fix for this is actually to remove emails that are loading in without you ever needing to read them. So deleting your emails, or even just your junk folder will help you speed up Yahoo.

Not only this, but it’s also good to clear your inbox for the environment. Although you storing a single email is minimal, if you have 10,000 emails that you will never need, and 1000 people have the same – you could be causing a small amount of C02 from the storing of these emails. Clearing your inbox can help save the planet!

How to Delete ALL Emails on Yahoo Quickly (2022)
How to Delete ALL Emails on Yahoo Quickly (2022)

What is Yahoo?

Thanks to our friends over at OnlyQuestion, Yahoo is a large media company that started out back in 1994, in Sunnyvale California. The parent company, Apollo Global Management is also owned by the same founders, Jerry Yang and David Filo.

Yahoo has multiple products and services that are still being used today, but one of them is emails. This article looks at why and how you can quickly delete all your emails on the mail service.



Overall, we hope this guide has helped you understand why, and how you can delete emails on Yahoo. Not only should this guide have helped you speed up the mail client but also allowed you to delete your emails faster than one by one as they wanted you to!

Let us know down in the comments your thoughts, and let us know if you have any other issues and we might write a guide to help you!

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