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How Much Should You Pay for a Gaming Keyboard in 2022?



How Much Should You Pay for a Gaming Keyboard in 2022?

How much should you pay for a gaming keyboard? Let’s say that your old keyboard is getting out of fashion, or quite frankly breaking down when you need it the most. The worst part about being in a very technologically advanced world is you can never keep up with the latest and greatest equipment.

In today’s guide, we’re going to take a look at how much you should pay for a gaming keyboard, in 2022. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it!

How much should I spend on a gaming keyboard?

Gaming keyboards can be quite costly as you may have seen. However, how much you spend, or should spend on one is completely down to how much you can afford. Some of the best gaming keyboards, range from $100 – $200 and will give you the latest functionality, RGB options and warranty.

With that being said, if you are not wanting to spend as much, there are some cheaper, but just as good options out there that you can get for less than $50 – to keep you gaming all night long!

How Much Should You Pay for a Gaming Keyboard in 2022?
How much should you pay for a gaming keyboard?

What should I look for in a Gaming Keyboard?

With gaming keyboards having many new functions, features and even colour options, buying a gaming keyboard can be quite a stressful task. As we already know what you want to spend, we’re going to take a look at what you should look for in a gaming keyboard.

Type: Mechanical, or Membraine

Some people may not know what these are, however, we will explain this really quickly. mechanical switches (keys) are often more optimized for gaming and give you the crisp, tap-tap-tap noise you hear on most gaming keyboards. Membrane, on the other hand, is a rubber/silicone cover that activates the keys – and is often quieter, and slower than typical mechanical switches.

Overall, mechanical keys/switches are best for most gamers and provide a much more functional, and better feeling gaming experience.

You may also look at the keyboard switches (if you buy mechanical), but we cover that in this guide here, as it’s quite detailed as to what you should look for.


A lot of people look to the aesthetics of a gaming keyboard before buying, however, in most cases – performance should play a massive part too. If you play fast-paced or high-intensity games such as first-person shooters, or MOBAs, then we would recommend a sturdy, and robust mechanical keyboard.

Most membrane keyboards offer a very similar level of performance, however, you want the best of the best and want to be one step in front of your enemies, then a mechanical one will be ideal.



When buying a gaming keyboard, you want one that will last a good few years. That’s why I recently purchased a Corsair K65 Mini, as I’ve had nothing but great reviews from Corsair brands and their durability. Making sure that the keyboard you buy is warrantied up to a high number of key presses, as well as a default manufacture warranty is more than ideal.

Most keyboards are either plastic or somewhat metal. Most keyboards that you buy from reputable brands will have a good level of rigidity. However, it’s best to read some reviews about the keyboard you want to buy first. Here at TechSplat, we have quite a few reviews based on keyboards from around the world, especially the most common ones.

A quick bonus tip, if you have a store near you that sells gaming keyboards, why not go try them out? Usually, the store will have them on display for you to play with, so why not give them a try yourself?


You don’t want to buy a keyboard that is not very comfortable. Keyboards come in many sizes, shapes, and with extra features such as wrist rests to ensure you can remain comfortable when using them. It’s really hard to tell if a keyboard can be comfortable, however again – it might be best to read reviews from people who have the keyboard, or here on TechSplat so you can find out how it may feel when you use it.

It’s also a good idea to ensure that you have a keyboard shape in mind that you’ve used before that felt good, so you’re then able to look for similar keyboards that work for you the most.


Most people, when looking for a gaming keyboard, do just that. They look. Style and aesthetics of a keyboard can be a make or break for most people, especially with more keyboards having RGB than ever before.

If you don’t want anything fancy, there are keyboards with static colours, or even no colour at all, with nice designs. These may be ideal for you, however – if you want to keep a nice clean look, then there are many keyboards with RGB or even single-key lighting that you can use for your new gaming keyboard.

Keyboard Size (TKL, 60%, Mini, Full)

Do keyboards come in different sizes? Yes! Many keyboards you will see will be full size, but there are a few variations;

  • Full: All FX Keys, Macros, Arrow Keys, and Num-pad.
  • TKL: All FX Keys, Macros, Arrow Keys, with no Num-Pad.
  • 60%: All FX Keys, MAcros, Arrow Keys, with no Num-Pad, but condensed into 60% of the size.
  • MINI: Bare-bones, numbers, keys, no arrow keys, no num-pad. Simply A-Z and 0-9.

I recently opted for a Mini keyboard, just because it was clean, and fit my desk as it was quite small. The best keyboards are usually TKL, or Full if you have the space and like the look of them!

Conclusion on Gaming Keyboard Prices

All in all, we hope this guide has helped you identify how much you should spend on a gaming keyboard, and hopefully, you were able to learn a little bit more about gaming keyboards and what you should look at when buying one.

Let us know what you thought about this in the comments, and be sure to let us know if you want any more guide writing! Thanks, everyone and take care!


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