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iPhone Flashlight Not Working (Fixed) | 2022 



How to fix broken iPhone Flashlight

When it’s dark outside, and your iPhone flashlight or torch isn’t working, this can be very frustrating and can even cause you more issues. Making sure you fix your flashlight is not only essential but can help you save those stubbed toes.  

In today’s TechSplat article, we take a look at how you can fix an iPhone where the flashlight is not working. Let’s jump straight into it.  

Why is my Flashlight not working on my iPhone? 

There could be a number of reasons why your iPhone torch is not working. Some of them can be quite common, or there may be an underlying issue with your iPhone. For example, simply restarting your phone or disabling low power mode can help fix it.  

Below are a range of possible fixes for how you can fix your iPhone flashlight that isn’t working, so hopefully that helps! 

How to fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working in 2022 

Restart your iPhone 

A very common, and often overlooked fix for broken flashlights on iPhones is to restart your iPhone. Most phones go through basic software issues, and this may be that. Restarting your iPhone is super simple and will take just a few minutes and could fix your issue amongst others once and for all. 

To restart your iPhone, simply; 

  • Press and hold your “Volume Up + Lock Key” buttons (iPhone X and up).  (May also be volume down button).
  • Press and hold your “Lock Key” (iPhone 5 up to iPhone 8s). 
  • Then – swipe across to “Turn off iPhone” – and then hold the Power button/Lock Key to turn it back on again.  

Once your phone is back on – give your flashlight a try. If it’s still not working, carry on your way through this list.  You could also try a force restart, where you hold the power button until the phone turns off.

Disable Low Power Mode 

In some cases, your flashlight may be consuming the most power and in the interest of conserving battery life, iPhone may attempt to disable the flashlight under low-power mode. To see if your phone is in Low Power mode, your battery icon in the top-right corner will be “Yellow”, and not green or white which you should see. 

If your battery is yellow – follow the steps below to see if this helps. If it’s green or white, carry on to the next fix.  

  • To disable Low-Power mode, simply slide up/down to your settings, and hit the “Battery” icon.  (This may involve a swipe up from the bottom on older iPhones).
  • If your battery goes from Yellow to White or Green, then you have disabled low-power mode.  
iPhone 12 with Low Power Mode Enabled
iPhone 12 with “Low Power Mode” Enabled

Ensure your iPhone is Charged 

Similar to the above fix, just making sure your phone can power the flashlight can help you fix any iPhone with a broken flashlight. To fix an iPhone flashlight that is failing to turn on, just plug your phone into charge for 30-minutes (or till it’s fully charged) and attempt to use your flashlight again and hopefully, this will fix your issue if any of the above hasn’t.  

You can also hover over your battery level, and if it’s red – make sure you plug it in! If it’s green, it means it’s charging, and if it’s yellow – you’re on low power mode.


Check your iPhone isn’t overheating 

In some cases, and depending on where you live – iPhones have a tendency to overheat and limit specific features (including the torch/flashlight) to avoid further overheating and permanent damage to your iPhone. This, in turn, may mean that your flashlight is being limited by the iPhone to avoid damage.

To test if your phone is hot, place the back of your hand on the Apple logo on the rear of the phone, and if it’s hot to the touch – then it looks like your overheating.

To check, we suggest you take any cases off your phone and feel the back of the iPhone. If this is hot to the touch, then we suggest leaving it somewhere cool (not a fridge, or freezer) for it to cool down until the back of the iPhone is cool. Leaving the phone turned off can also help this process. 

Test using the Camera App 

A way of testing the flashlight functionality is to use the camera app built-in on all iPhone devices. This is your camera flash. However, in a photo – you can take a picture with a flash to test, or if you turn the flashlight on within a video, the torch will stay on until the video ends. 

This means, if you can launch the camera app on your phone and turn to video, followed by enabling the torch feature – may show you if there is a physical issue with the flashlight in the iPhone or if the tool itself is not working. This is using the flashlight icon.

  • Open the “Camera” app on the iPhone. 
  • Take a photo with flash, or enable flash on a video for prolonged flash.  

If this does not work, or if you believe the issue is related to the iPhone software, try updating your phone in the next step.  

Update your iPhone 

Updating your iPhone is not only good from a security aspect but can also help with issues, such as an iPhone flashlight failing to turn on. Although it may take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes – this is well worth the time. To update your iPhone, simply follow the steps below: 

  • Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone. 
  • Head into “General”, then into “Software Update”. 
  • In here, you may see “Update Now”, or “iOS is Up to Date”. Press “Update Now” if there is an update available. 
iPhone 12 with Latest Update to fix iPhone Flashlight Issue
iPhone 12 with Latest iPhone Update

Once your iPhone has updated, you may be able to use your flashlight – however, if you’re still having flashlight issues on your iPhone, then try the last fix on our list. 

Last Resort: Reset iPhone to fix iPhone Flashlight

In the worst-case scenario, you may need to reset your iPhone to fix any flashlight issues. Although this is quite significant, it does often fix issues with your flashlight. This should be the last resort for you, and it may be worth speaking to apple before you do this – but for the most part it can fix your issues. 

To reset your iPhone, simply: (PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL LOSE YOUR DATA IF NOT BACKED UP). If backed up, you will need to work on restoring your iPhone.

  • Take an iCloud Backup of your device – either through iTunes or by; 
  • Click your “Apple ID” (Usually your name) – and then “iCloud”, then “Backup” 
  • Run a new “Start Backup” and allow to finish.  
  • Once the backup has been completed, in your “Settings” again, simply head to “General”, then “Reset”.  
  • Then, choose your options and follow through with the iPhone’s questions.  

Once your phone has reset – try downloading the latest iCloud backup to get your phone back to where it was – and try that flashlight again to see if this has resolved any flashlight issues with iPhone. 


If this has not helped you fix your iPhone’s flashlight, regardless of if you’re using the iPhone 5 all the way through to the iPhone 13 (including iPhone 11 and iPhone 12) – then the flashlight itself may be broken and may need to be replaced by an authorized Apple technician.  You can also contact Apple support for further assistance. They will ensure that your phone is working properly.

Thanks for taking the time to read through our guide, and be sure to let us know if this helped you – or if you’ve got any questions or issues! 


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