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Dell Laptop won’t Turn On (Fixed) 



Do you have a Dell Laptop that won’t turn on? Dell is a massive organization, and one of its main hardware sales comes from laptops. If your laptop is having some issues turning on, and you’re either getting a black screen or can’t get past the startup screens – then hopefully this TechSplat guide will help you.  

In today’s article, we take a look at any Dell laptop that won’t turn on, and how you can fix it easily. Let’s jump straight into it. 

How to fix Dell Laptop that won’t Turn On? 

Making sure that your Dell laptop works can be quite a stressful task, but today we’ve got several fixes that you can try to make sure your laptop is working, and not a major issue. Take a look and run through some of them to try to fix your problem. 

Ensure your Dell Laptop is Charged 

Something that is often overlooked when your Dell Laptop is not turning on, is if there is any battery left in the device. The best way to check this is to simply leave the laptop on charge for 20-30 minutes and try to turn the laptop on again.  

This will make sure the laptop has enough charge to boot itself up, and if you’ve not used the laptop for a while – this can often resolve the laptop not turning on issue. Please be sure that if this works, removal of the charger kills the laptop – then your problem is a faulty battery and may need to be replaced by Dell, or someone with enough technical knowledge to replace the said battery. Do NOT attempt this if you are unsure.  

Check your Dell Power Button 

It’s notoriously a Dell problem, where the power button is actually a little low to turn the laptop on. This means, that when you go to turn your laptop on – it doesn’t actually do anything. The best way to test this is to plug your laptop into the charger and press down on the power button deeper than you usually would.  

Don’t depress the button much further than you normally would, but give it a good few pushes and in some cases hold it down for a little bit to see if this helps your issue. If it does – you have one of many oddly annoying Dell laptops!  

Test to see if any Lights Respond 

Depending on the model of your Dell Laptop, you may have a backlit keyboard or illuminated power button which can indicate if your laptop is trying to power on. In some cases, you may also notice your laptop screen goes a deep-dark grey, and not black. If you’re in a dark room you will notice this easily. 

If any lights appear on your laptop, but the screen remains black – you may have a faulty screen and you may need to replace this. The steps below cover what you might need to do, and we do have another guide about how to fix Dells that have black screens. 


If you have no lights, then you may need to continue through the steps below.  

Test the Monitor 

As we mentioned above, sometimes your laptop screen may break. If the display is black, or does not appear to show anything – this can be one of two issues. A broken screen, or a faulty motherboard (BIOS).  

A really easy way to check if the screen is broken is to use another one. Most TVs, or if you have another monitor will have either a HDMI, or VGA cable which your Dell laptop will likely have too. This means that you can plug in your laptop screen via. HDMI or VGA to see if the new monitor or TV has any pictures. If it does, then your screen is broken, if not – continue through these troubleshooting steps.  

Unplug all Connectors 

When a device, or devices that are drawing power from your laptop such as mice, keyboards, USB sticks and much more can also cause issues with laptops turning on. The best way to test this – is to simply unplug everything! 

Ensure all of your devices are unplugged from the laptop, simply leave the charger plugged in and wait several minutes. Try turning on your device again and see if this helps fix your issue with your laptop not turning on.  

Leave the Laptop in a Warm Location 

If all the above has failed, it could be the location of the laptop. Sometimes, laptops have a high, and low-operating temperature. These low-operating temperatures do not help the battery and can actually because you issue when trying to power the laptop on. 

Leaving your laptop in a warm location such as a conservatory, or just on a table outside when the sun is out for a few minutes can help this. Once you’ve left it out for a few moments, try to press the power button and see if this helps your issue. 

Speak to Dell Support 

If all else fails, Dell has one of the best customer service teams around. They can be contacted in a number of ways, and you can even get forum support from other Dell laptop owners. For the most part, if your device is under warranty – a Dell technician may ask further questions, and ask you to test several things before deciding if they need to come and look at the laptop at your house.

Dell Support for Laptop Issues
Dell Support for Laptop Issues

Regardless, helping Dell help you is super easy, won’t take too long and can be the ultimate resolution to many issues with your laptop. You can find out more at Dell’s Support Hub here, and tell them your issue and what you’ve already tried.  

Conclusion on Dell Laptop Won’t Turn On

Overall, speaking to Dell Support will almost definitely help if all the other troubleshooting options have failed to help you. If something in this guide helped you, or you found another fix for Dell laptops not turning on, then let us know! 

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